“Old Town Scottsdale”

Just finished up with a conversation with two ladies, that started over a bee call, and ended up talking about how to grow our small businesses.  The store is Wild West Galleria and they specialize in selling real quality jewelry not made from plastic.  Business can come from anyone who obviously needs a service.  These bees are flying into an air duct, and building a descent sized hive, and they are now making their way into the jewelry store, via the air ducting.  The owner of the store asked me to do the job during the day, i assured him that the best option is to do the job at night, so that no one gets stung during the day, he much appreciated that approach better.  All of this came about by doing a bee job next door, and doing an excellent job, and being referred by a satisfied customer.  I am impressed by the level of response to people that are committed to those of us who do excellent service, and provide quality information on a variety of topics not just bees, and jewelry but in any service.